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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Experimental Phonetics (BA) 5
Experimental Projects 6
Exploring the Past in the Digital Present 5
Field Research Project NIMAR 15
Film Journeys in Brazilian Cinema (LK5) 5
Fluid phenomena in Soft Matter 3
Foundations of Political Economy 5
Foundations of Software Testing 6
Francophonies et littératures francophones 10
From Inkwell to Internet: Text and Transmission in the Muslim World (ResMA) 10
From the Cradle to the Grave: Life and Death in the Ancient Greek World 5
From the Pilgrims to the Present: An Introduction to American Studies 5
From the Pilgrims to the Present: An Introduction to American Studies (Minor/Pre-master) 10
Frontiers of Measurement Techniques 3
Functional analysis seminar 6
Fundamentals of Digital Systems Design 6
Galaxies and Cosmology 5
Galaxies: structure, dynamics and evolution 6
Game Analysis 10
Gateway to Global Affairs 5
Gender / genre: New Approaches to the Human in Critical and Cultural Theory 10
General Introduction to Art in China 5
Genomic Architecture 6
Geo-Economics 5
Geschichte und Erinnerung in Deutschland 5
Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse taal 5
Gilles Deleuze’s Time-image In Theory And Practice: An Introduction To Modern Political Cinema 5
Global and European Labour Law 10
Global Christianity 5
Global Crossings: Brazil and Cultural Dialogues in the Portuguese-Speaking World 5
Global Health (NL) 15
Global History 5
Global Political Economy 5
Global Security 5
Goddesses, Women and Power in Hinduism 5
Godsdienst van het Oude Egypte 5
Godsdienst van het Oude Israël en de Levant 5
Godsdienst van Mesopotamië 5
Good Research Practices 5
Gothic 5
Governance and Digitalisation 5
Governance of Cities and Citizens 5
Governing a Global World 5
Greek Papyrology 10
Green Chemistry 4
Griekse papyri uitgeven 5
Grote Boeken uit de literatuur van de middeleeuwen en de vroegmoderne tijd 5
Grote teksten in de lage landen: intertekstualiteit en adaptatie 5
Group Dynamics 5
Group Project in Sustainable Chemistry and Biotechnology 7