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Molecular Biotechnology

The global biotechnology industry enjoys more success and influence than ever before. Their innovations continue to improve the lives of people worldwide. The biotechnology industry uses biological systems for the production of antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, antitumour agents, anti-clotting factors, antibodies, but also food additives, biofuels and more.

This minor offers a glimpse into the dynamic world of modern biotechnology. We’ll explore the journey from discovering to harnessing and commercializing some of nature’s finest treasures, with a keen focus on the legal intricacies of patenting. You’ll also dive into the thriving biotech research happening within our university and the vibrant Leiden Bioscience Park. Together, this minor lays a solid foundation for students with aspirations in the exciting field of biotechnology.

In this exciting minor, you’ll delve into the captivating world of biotechnology, exploring its diverse dimensions through plant, microbe, and animal cell-based systems. As you progress through this program, you’ll transform your expanding theoretical knowledge into real-world skills by crafting a compelling grant proposal. Furthermore, you’ll step into the realm of entrepreneurship, unlocking valuable insights into the ever-evolving domains of business and innovation. Prepare to embark on an exciting, hands-on biotech journey!

General information

  • Size: 30 EC

  • Period: fulltime from 2 September 2024 – 31 January 2025

  • Language: English

  • Number of participants: minimum of 15, and a maximum of 75 participants.

  • General information: Education Office Biology

  • Coordinator: Dr. A.F.J. Ram

  • The minor is provided by the Bachelor Biology


The minor program in Molecular Biotechnology is designed for students who possess a strong foundation in molecular biology and genetics. This includes students majoring in fields such as Biology, Life Science and Technology, Molecular Science and Technology, Biomedical Sciences, Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nanobiology, or related disciplines.


Students of Leiden University

Registration possible from 15 May, 13:00 o'clock till 4 July 2024 via eduXchange.

Students of TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam

Registration possible from 15 May, 13:00 o'clock till 31 May 2024 via eduXchange.

Other students:

Students from other Dutch universities can register from15 May, 13:00 o'clock till 31 May 2024 by:

  1. Sending an e-mail to Education Office Biology with your CV, transcript, and letter with permission from your home university

  2. After approval, register as a guest student at Leiden University: instructions


This minor is also open for inbound exchange students if they wish to take the entire minor Molecular Biotechnology. It is not possible to take single courses from this minor. Exchange students must be admitted by the Science International Office prior to the start of the minor. For more information about the application procedure for exchange students, please contact the Science International Office at