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Archeologie: MSc Archaeological Science

Archaeological Science is an MSc specialisation that delves into the specifics of archaeological methods and techniques. The combination of hands-on field experience and laboratory work offers a challenging and rewarding research environment.

The programme gives you the freedom to choose your own focus based on your own interests. You may study archaeobotany and archaeozoology, or prefer to dive into human osteoarchaeology. Perhaps you'd rather explore material culture, or further develop your skills in digital archaeology. All of these choices can be combined with lectures on specific regions or time periods.

Archaeological Science

Scientific methodology is an important approach in modern archaeology and it is at the heart of archaeological science. Hypotheses, data, theory, experiments, observations, as well as presentation and interpretation, are all key to our understanding of our past.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

General part

Scientific Methodology in Archaeology 5

Career profile

Quantitative Methods in Archaeology 5
Current Issues in Archaeological Science 5
Master Thesis Archaeological Science 20

Choose 1 of the following specialisation courses:

Archaeological Science Specialisation Course: Archaeobotany 5
Archaeological Science Specialisation Course: Archaeozoology 5
Archaeological Science Specialisation Course: Osteoarchaeology 5
Archaeological Science Specialisation Course: Material Culture 5
Archaeological Science Specialisation Course: Computational Archaeology 5

Choose any 2 focus area courses (see 'Focus area courses' tab above) (2 x 5 ec)

Choose 2 elective courses (see 'Electives' tab above) (2 x 5 ec)

Focus area courses

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2


Hunter-gatherer Archaeology 5
The Archaeology of Hominin Diversity 5


Area Specialisation Course: Europe II: Historical Archaeology 5
Area Specialisation Course: Europe I: Prehistory 5
Key Developments in European Prehistory 5
Archeologie en Erfgoed van Nederland 5

The Near East

Neolithisation in West Asia 5
Area Specialisation Course: Eastern Mediterranean and West Asia 10
The Archaeology of the Assyrian Empire 5

The Mediterranean

Archaeology of the Crusades 5
Current Issues in the Archaeology of the Frontier Regions of the Roman Empire 5
The Archaeology of the Greek Mediterranean 5
Crafting the Greek World. Theory and practice 5
The Archaeology of Daily Life in the First Millennium CE in the Mediterranean 5
Ancient Networks 5

The Americas

Area Specialization Course: Americas 10


Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Archaeology 5
Underwater Archaeology and Maritime Landscapes 5
MSc Internship: Archaeological Science 5

or: free choice from the focus area courses.

or: free choice from the courses of the other Archaeology profiles.

or: course outside of the faculty or the university. These need to be MA courses of at least level 400 and need to be officially approved by the Board of Examiners.