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Public International Law (Advanced Master Programme): International Criminal Law

The Master of Laws: Advanced Studies in Public International Law is an intensive, high-level postgraduate programme in public international law.

The objective of the International Criminal Law specialisation (ICL) is to provide students with advanced knowledge of, and skills in, various areas of International Criminal Law. This specialisation provides foundational knowledge in substantive international criminal law and international criminal procedure. It studies the systemic environment of international criminal law and its link to related fields (international human rights law, international humanitarian law, general public international law). It introduces students to international crimes, modes of liability, general principles of international criminal law and impediments to enforcement. Special attention is devoted to the law of international criminal courts and tribunals (International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, International Criminal Court) and the link to legal practice. The specialisation contains practical exercises and assignments which are designed to develop lawyer and advocacy skills.