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Air and Space Law (Advanced Master Programme)

The Advanced Master’s Programme in Air and Space Law is a combination of public air law, private air law and space law, from both an international and European perspective. The programme which has been running since September 2000, and which was internationally accredited in 2007, is unique in the world. In addition to its international focus, the programme also has a clearly defined European dimension and, without neglecting academic levels, pays specific attention to professional applications through its guest lecturers, excursions and in particular through its internship requirement.

The dynamic nature of the aviation and space sector and the pace in which both sectors expand requires constant attention. In recent years, courses have been restructured to incorporate new developments and challenges these sectors are faced with and to match better with the industry’s needs.

Year 1

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Semester 1

Public Air Law - 24501042 Core Course 10
Private Air Law - 24501044 Core Course 10
Air Transport Competition Law - 24501046 5
Moot Court Competition - 24501048 2

Semester 2

International Space Law and Policy - 24501050 Core Course 10
European and Commercial Perspectives of Space Law - 24501036 5
Finance and Procurement of Aerospace Activities - 24501052 5
Internship Air & Space Law - 24501054 3
Thesis Air and Space Law - 24978101 Core Course 10

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The courses in the programme introduce a wide variety of topics that are taught by the institute’s faculty staff, visiting professors from other countries and distinguished legal practitioners who are experts in their respective specialised fields of air and space law. Intensive interaction between students and teachers is fostered, typically resulting in greater involvement on the side of the students and, consequently, better results. Students gain a solid legal foundation in this exciting field, and those willing to go the extra mile can enrich their study further by tapping into the institute’s resources and network to deepen their knowledge of specific topics and the sector as a whole.

The programme is available in the following versions:
1. Master’s of Advanced Studies in Air and Space Law: (full-time or part-time)
2. Master’s of Advanced Studies in Air and Space Law: Blended Learning (two years)

An important distinction of the programme is its proximity to relevant European and international organisations and institutions such as the EU, the International Court of Justice, the European Space Agency (ESA, ESTEC), Eurocontrol, the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) and the UN COPUOS. From its network in these and in other specialised institutions, the Institute engages guest lecturers who are experienced professionals working in industry and government. Students also frequently visit European and international organisations and institutions with a view to closely following the work done there and expanding their own personal network. In addition, the members of the International Advisory Board, some of whom teach on the programme, will be of great help to build up an international air and space law network.