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Archaeology: Archaeology of Egypt

This is a specialisation of the Master’s programme of Archaeology.

This master program deals with the archaeology of the civilizations along the Nile in its broadest sense and provides a unique long-term overview of the development of societies in Egypt from an archaeological perspective. Specialized seminars provide a familiarization with relations between material culture and society in different time periods: from Prehistory, through the Pharaonic era to the Greco-Roman periods. To complement this long term perspective a course on the archaeology of Coptic Egypt will be offered for the optional free choice. The thesis will allow for specialization into a specific topic selected by the student.

Throughout the program guest speakers from within and without Leiden University will be invited.

Many members of staff attached to the program have ongoing fieldwork in Egypt and the thesis might tie in with those research projects. For this and other research in Egypt by the participants of the MA program the Dutch Institute in Cairo (NVIC) provides excellent facilities.

Staff members and projects attached to this MA program: N. Shirai (Prehistory); H. Hays (Pharaonic); O.E.Kaper, M.J. Versluys (Hellenistic/Roman); K. Innemee (Coptic); R.T.J. Cappers (Environmental history).