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Archaeology (MSc): Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology

This is a specialisation of the Master’s programme of Archaeology.

This brand-new specialisation has started in September 2011 and provides students with a detailed background in the methods used to study human bones and teeth in physical anthropology and archaeology. It offers a solid foundation in skeletal and dental anatomy, as well as an understanding of the histology of skeletal tissues, morphological variations, and changes that come with age and/or sex.

The degree also considers diseases that can be diagnosed from bones and teeth and the palaeoepidemiological insights which can be drawn from them. Furthermore, students are introduced to the methods and standards associated with ancient DNA and isotope analysis. This master specialisation teaches procedures for the excavation of skeletonised human remains along with the standards used for recording them. In addition, special attention is given to taphonomic changes that can take place within the grave context. Fieldwork is an option within the various specialisations and if possible, the osteological laboratory will organise its own excavation.

Staff: Dr. M.L.P. Hoogland, mw dr. A.L. Waters-Rist.

Please note: if you want to take this MSc as a second specialisation, you will be invited for a compulsory advisory interview before the start of the programme.