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Arts and Culture: Architecture

Architecture is a specialisation in the MA in Arts and Culture. In this specialisation you not only study architectural history from the perspective of the architects, their designs and the way in which their work is implemented, you also pay attention to patrons, the public and how the public responds to architecture and the built environment.

Central themes include:

  • Italian baroque

  • exchanges between Italy and the Low Countries in the period from 1500 to 1750

  • alternative architecture discourses in the 20th century, from regionalism and traditionalism to neo-baroque

  • architecture theory, where thinking on the impact of buildings on the public is key, as in classical rhetoric or the sublime.

In Leiden you will study these themes in close co-operation with the Dutch interuniversity art history institutes in Rome and Florence. Excursions to these institutes are a structural part of the programme.

Compulsory courses for all students, regardless of specialisation:

  • Practices and debates (5 EC)

  • Reading List (5 EC)

  • Thesis (20 EC)

In order to meet the demands of any specialisation you need to follow a minimum of 45 EC in your chosen specialisation. The most common study path to meet this requirement is:

  • 1 compulsory research course in field of specialisation (10 EC)

  • 1 other course in your period of specialisation (10 EC)

  • Reading list (5 EC)

  • Thesis (20 EC)

An additional course or internship of 10 EC may be chosen in your field of specialisation as well.

Please note that several additional workshops will be offered during the academic year. Information will be available on our website.