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Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science-Based Business

Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science-Based Business is a specialisation of the Master’s programme Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS) of Leiden University. Students in this Master’s programme are trained for a research career in drug research and development. Each of the five research specialisations corresponds to major research themes in the Leiden branch of the Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR). The remaining three BPS tracks consists of a research component in combination with a specialisation on Science-Based Business (SBB), Communication, or Education.

The specialisation Science Based Business (SBB) provides knowledge and skills in the area of Management, Business and Entrepreneurship. Its focus is on their application in science- and research-driven organisations. Its purpose is to broaden the horizon, to form an opinion on and prepare for a career in industry and to enhance competencies for pursuing entrepreneurial business opportunities created through science and research (Research Based Business; RBB).

Programme BPS research component

  • a research project of 50 EC in one of the research groups of CBPS, including 5 EC for a thesis and 2 EC for an oral presentation

  • two lecture series of 4 EC each

  • the course Scientific Conduct of 1 EC

  • attendance of at least 20 colloquia or seminars (1 EC)
    The choices for lecture series and research project will be made in concert with an advisor.

Programme SBB component
Completion of the specialisation SBB requires a minimum of 40 EC and a maximum of 60 EC from the courses listed in the table below. This includes at least, either

  • SBB Fundamentals, SBB Management and SBB Internship; or

  • The RBB foundation courses, RBB Technology Transfer or Business Development, and RBB Assignment
    If SBB Fundamentals is part of the programme, then the RBB foundation course “RBB Opportunities” is not mandatory.

Course information on the SBB courses can obtained from the SBB pages in the e-Prospectus.