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Astronomy: Research in Astronomy

  • As of September 2016, this specialisation will continue under the new name Astronomy Research.

Structure of the Programme (120 EC)

This 2-year programme consists of advanced Astronomy courses, two research projects in Astronomy, and courses on science topics related to Astronomy. It allows the broadest programme, including a significant component from adjacent fields (Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science) and prepares students for conducting independent research in Astronomy.

Mandatory Courses: Level EC Stellar Structure and Evolution 500 6 Electives: Level EC Astronomy Core Courses 500 12 Instrumentation-related Astronomy Courses 400 – 500 6 General/Specialist Astronomy Courses 400 – 500 12 Non-Astronomy Courses 400 – 500 24 Research Projects: Level EC Minor Project in Astronomy 500 24 Major Project in Astronomy 600 36 ### Master Study Plan

At the start of the master’s programme in September, students are required to draw up a complete overview of the courses and projects they are planning to follow in the 2 subsequent academic years. This Master Study Plan needs to be approved by the Study Advisor Astronomy. To select courses, students need to consult the course list for academic year 2015-2016 (see below), and/or the course list for academic year 2016-2017 (see Astronomy Research, 2016-2017).

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For more information on the specific requirements of this specialisation, please look at:

Courses 2015-16

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Astronomy Core Courses:

Origin and Evolution of the Universe 6
Stellar Structure and Evolution 6

General Astronomy Courses:

Computational Astrophysics 6
Large Scale Structure and Galaxy Formation 6
Star and Planet Formation 6

Instrumentation-related Astronomy Courses:

High Contrast Imaging 3
Optics and Instruments 6
Project Management for Scientists 3
Astronomy from Space 3
Detection of Light a 3
Detection of Light a + b 6

Specialist Astronomy Courses:

Compact Objects and Accretion 3
Observational Cosmology 3
Astrochemistry 3
Databases and Data Mining in Astronomy 3

Inter-faculty Electives:

Science and the public: contemporary and historical perspectives 6
Science Methodology 4

Non-Astronomy Courses

These courses can be selected from the courses offered by the following Leiden MSc programmes:

Additional BSc Courses if required:

Radiative Processes 5
On being a Scientist 3