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Programma SBB 2016-2017


The specialisation Science Based Business is designed for MSc students in the sciences and biomedicine who consider a career in industry. The specialisation teaches students analytical frameworks and skills for managerial decision making. The emphasis of the Leiden business specialisation is on the application of these frameworks and skills in the context of R&D-intensive organisations.
The SBB specialization prepares students for a career in industry. Case-based teaching and practice-oriented sessions featuring senior managers from the Leiden Science park and beyond are an integral part of the curriculum. In addition, students have the opportunity to gain experience working as an intern for a company.
Students who opt for the Leiden Business specialisation can choose from two tracks. A General Management track that focuses on managerial challenges of established R&D organisations; A New Technology Ventures track focuses on the challenges involved in setting up novel entrepreneurial ventures around business opportunities created in science and research.
Qualifications for Admission
Admissible to the specialisation (Science Based) Business are all students that are admitted to a Master Programme of the Faculty of Science or the Master Programme in Biomedical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine (LUMC) provided that the rules and regulations of the subject Master Programme do allow so.
In addition, international applicants must provide proof of proficiency in English with an IELTS ≥ 6.5.

The MSc programme in combination with the (Science Based) Business specialisation consists of two components:

  • a component within the chosen MSc programme:

  • a (Science Based) Business component
    The Business component comprises at least 40 EC. An additional maximum of 20 EC of electives can be chosen from either General Management and New Technology Ventures courses (as listed below), or from the MSc programme of choice. The choice of electives should be made in consultation with a study adviser, mentor, or specialisation coordinator.

Students registered for the Business specialisation can follow one of the following two tracks:
The General Management track which encompasses minimally the following modules:
Management Fundamentals (15 EC)
Management Internship (25-36 EC)

The New Technology Ventures (NTV) track which encompasses minimally:
New Technology Ventures (NTV) courses:
NTV1: Entrepreneurial Opportunities (5 EC)
NTV2: The Entrepreneurial Process (5 EC)
NTV3: Business Planning (5 EC)
New Technology Ventures Assignment (25-36)

In addition, the following courses modules can be included in both tracks:
Business Elective (3-15 EC)
Business Essay (3-7 EC)

Students with prior education in management, business and entrepreneurship may – depending on the contents and extent of said education – be exempted from following (parts of) one or more of the courses. These courses need to be substituted such that their master programme contains at least 40 EC of management, business or entrepreneurship courses fitting in the context of business. Decisions on exemptions and substitutions are taken by the Board of Examiners.

Students planning to do the SBB courses are requested to fill in the application forms, which can be found at the SBB webpage, see the links below.

To do the Specialisation SBB one has to enroll into one of the corresponding master programmes, e.g. Biology & SBB, Chemistry & SBB, etc. For more information, please consult the Master Guide

For more detailed information about the required contents of the master programmes ‘Science’ & SBB, please consult the appendix of the Teaching and Examinations Regulations for academic Year 2016-2017 which will come available in the course of May/June 2015 and can then be found on this page

More background information you can find on our website

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