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Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Classics

The Classics programme includes Greek and Latin literature and/or linguistics, and a limited number of courses from the cultural-historical disciplines. Students in Classics take at least 45 EC in Greek and Latin literature or linguistics (including a Master’s thesis of 20 EC), with at least 10 EC seminars/tutorials for each language. The programme also contains an elective course, in which cultural-historical subjects (Ancient History, Classical Archeology, or Ancient Philosophy) and/or languages may be included.

Classics is a specialization of the Master’s programme in Classics and Ancient Civilizations. This Master programme is unique in the Netherlands in the breadth of its subject matter, the historical periods covered and the multidisciplinary approach of its study. Characteristic for the Master is its focus on reading ancient texts in their original languages, and discussing the different interpretations the texts allow.

The student may specialize in one of four tracks:

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Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

First semester

Students choose 30 ec in total (February 2016 start: 10 ec).

Core Course

Students starting in September 2016 are required to take this course with a minimum of 5 ec.

Core Course: Classics Now! 5 or 10

Courses Greek and Latin

Seminar Greek: 'For the Form': A Comparison of Xenophon’s Anabasis and Cyropaedia 5 or 10
Tutorial Latin: Exclusus Poeta: Ovid's Tristia 5 or 10
Tutorial Greek: Iliad 18: a Reflection on the Limits of Epic Poetry 5 or 10

Cultural historical courses

Seminar Presocratic Philosophy: the Conflictive Origins of a New Intellectual Practice 10
The Last Pagan. Julian Apostata as Emperor and Intellectual 10
Epigraphy 10
Debating the Ancient Economy 10

Second semester

Students choose 10 ec courses in total (February 2017 start: 30 ec) and write their MA Thesis.

MA Thesis Classics and Ancient Civilizations (incl. seminar) 20

Courses Greek and Latin

Seminar Greek: Myth, Poetry, Dialectic: Reading Plato's Protagoras 5 or 10
Seminar Latin: Classical Commentaries – Do It Yourself 10
Tutorial Latin: Cicero's Consulship - Intertextual and Intergeneric Self-Fashioning 10

Cultural historical courses

From Dusk till Dawn: the Ancient World at Night 10
Between Jerusalem and Rome: Judaism and Christianity in the First Century 10
Roman North Africa: A Stolen Continent 10
Alexander of Aphrodisias On Fate, or How Human Beings Escape Determinism 10

Extra curricular

The courses below are offered by the specializations Assyriology and Egyptology, and are accessible for all students in the (Research) MA program Classics and Ancient Civilizations. The courses are not part of the regular MA program of your own specialization, but can be taken as extra curricular courses.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

First Semester

The Gilgamesh Epic in Context 10
Tutorial Akkadian 10
The Sumerian Language: Structure and Analysis 10
Introduction to Middle Egyptian 10
Selected Topics in Egyptian Archaeology 5

Second Semester

Priests and Temples: Babylonian Religion in Practice 10
Trade and Economy in Ancient Mesopotamia and Anatolia 10