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Archaeology: Archaeology of the Roman Provinces, Middle Ages and Modern Period

The conquest by Rome brought profound changes to Europe. Unprecedented infrastructural works such as roads and harbours were created, towns sprang up, a ribbon of fortresses was laid out along the frontiers. Villas were introduced in the countryside.
After the collapse of the Roman state, the foundations for Europe as we know it today were laid down in the Middle Ages and Modern Period.

In the courses offered, various aspects of the current debate on Roman frontiers and frontier communities will be investigated both in the West and the East. Major processes, such as religious transformation (Christianisation), urbanisation, social differentiation and the rise of the market economy determine the structures and dynamics of society in the Middle Ages and the Modern Period.
In the courses, with an accent on economy and urbanisation, we will follow the transformation from the ‘Dark Ages’ to the Industrial Revolution.

Drs. J. (Jasper) de Bruin
Drs. E.J. (Epko) Bult
Dr. C. (Carol) van Driel-Murray
Dr. ir. M.J. (Mark) Driessen
Dr. R.M.R. (Roos) van Oosten
Prof. dr. F.C.W.J. (Frans) Theuws