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Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities minor aims to familiarize BA students with new ways to analyse and study languages and culture and to provide insight into the ways in which digital media are changing human experience and society. The programme provides an introduction to the critical application of computational methods in a wide range of humanities and social science subjects including linguistics, literature, history, the arts, religious studies, and media and area studies. Through a series of five courses focused on the theoretical discussion of data and digital media as well as the practical acquisition of computational techniques in text analysis and data visualization students will acquire analytical and communication skills with broad applicability and relevance for their future studies and careers. The minor includes a sixth course, a practicum (Special Topics in Digital Humanities) in which students design a project related to their own major and interests under the close supervision of a staff member.

Students can also opt for a 15 EC package of courses. This will consist of two regular courses in text and media analysis and visualization and the special topics course in which students develop a project of their own choosing under the supervision of a member of staff.

Maximum number of participants:45
Prospectus number: 5000MDIHN
Class number: 1424
Language: English