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A Research Master is an advanced two-year postgraduate programme with an even higher research component than the regular Master’s programme and excellent scope for individual student initiative.

The Research Master programme in Archaeology focuses on the research areas that are strongly represented in Leiden. The heart of the programme is organised around the excellent research with which Leiden has made a name for itself internationally.

There are four different tracks, centred on four research projects that reflect the broad spectrum of research undertaken within the department:
Human Origins
Prehistoric Farming Communities in NW Europe
Town and Country, with a focus on the Mediterranean region and the Near East
Religion and Society, with a focus on Native American cultures

Structure of the programme:

First year

  • General part (30 ects):

    • Advanced methods (5 ects)
    • Teaching assistance (5 ects)
    • Workshops (5 ects)
    • Thesis 1st year (15 ects)
  • Specialisation (25 ects):
    Track seminars

  • Multidisciplinary research (5 ects):
    Any other MA/RMA course

Second year

  • General courses (30 ects):

    • Epistemology (5 ects)
    • Workshops (5 ects)
    • Thesis 2nd year (20 ects)
  • Specialisation (20 ects):
    Track Seminars

  • Multidisciplinary research (10 ects):
    Two other MA/RMA courses