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Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology: Visual Ethnography

Visual Ethnography is a specialisation of the master's programme Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology and is offerd by the Insitute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. It is a one year master's programme of 60 EC (European Credits).

This specialisation draws upon audiovisual media’s unique ability to share insights about people and places on multiple registers – discursive, sensory, embodied, spatial, etc. Furthermore, with the growing prominence of digital media, Visual Ethnography offers an expanded framework for producing contemporary anthropological research. Multimodal approaches have become increasingly important components in ethnographic research for collaborating with research communities and expanding the range of scholarly outputs. Visual Ethnography highlights the vital role anthropology plays in the greater public.

Admission and application:
For information regarding the admission to the master's programme Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, Specialisation Visual Ethnography, please check our website.

Note: This Specialisation starts in September only

Use the link under Files to access the schematic time-table for Visual Ethnography. Room numbers and other details can be found at the website and in the course descriptions (see below).