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Exchange Political Science

These courses offered by the Institute of Political Science are open for Exchange students and Study Abroad.

The courses take place in Leiden or The Hague, as indicated in the course description.

Schedules are accessible via the link on the courses information page.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Semester I

Research Design and Measurement in the Social Sciences 5
Introduction to International Organisations 5
Introduction to International Relations 8
Polling Public Opinion 5
Comparative Analysis of Political Systems 5
Analyzing International Relations 5
International Development 5
Actors in World Politics 7
Economics for Political Scientists 5
Diversity: Conflict & Consensus 10
Strategic Studies 5
Dutch Politics in Comparative Perspective 5

Semester II

Global History 5
Global Security 5
International Political Economy 5
Europe's Armed Forces and Societies 5
International Security 5
International Law and Human Rights 5
Politics of the European Union 5