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Governance of Sustainability

In the Governance of Sustainability programme you will be educated to be a future ‘broker’ or ‘change maker’ to improve the quality of governance solutions to major sustainability challenges.

In this programme you will obtain in-depth knowledge of both the governance perspective (social science) and the natural sciences. You will learn how to integrate these perspectives in order to develop and improve the quality of governance solutions to major sustainability challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and the transition to a circular economy. In addition, you will learn a variety of skills required to cope with wicked sustainability problems and to develop oneself into a future ‘change agent’ in a governance context.

1st year

The first year is composed of 4 thematic Modules of 12 EC each, Transdisciplinary skills (6 EC) and Qualitative skills (6 EC).

Overview first year:
Thematic course 1: Governance of materials & circular economy linked to institutions & policy cycles (12 EC)
Thematic course 2: Governance of biodiversity & ecosystems linked to decision-making & governance networks (12 EC)
Thematic course 3: Governance of climate change & energy transition linked to global governance & multi-level analysis (12 EC)
Thematic course 4: Governance of Water & toxicity linked to policy framing (12 EC)
Transdisciplinary skills (6 EC)
Qualitative research skills (6 EC)

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Transdisciplinary skills 6
Governance of Materials and Circular Economy 12
Governance of Biodiversity and Ecosystems 12
Governance of Climate Change and Energy Transition 12
Qualitative Research skills 6
Governance of Water and Toxicity 12

2nd year

Overview second year:

Quantitative research skills (6 EC)
Sustainability Challenge (12 EC)
Electives (12 EC)
Thesis preparation course (6 EC)
Thesis Research Project (24 EC)