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Governance, Economics & Development (LUC)

Major information: Link
Major overview: Link

Major requirements:

  • 15 EC: three compulsory 100-level courses, namely Institutions of Governance & Development, Introduction to Comparative Politics, Principles of Economics

  • 10 EC: Decision-making Processes (200-level) and Institutions in Time (300-level) in the Institutional Analysis track

  • 20 EC: Methodology courses, to include Quantitative Research Methods and Foundations of Research Design

  • 10 EC: Capstone

  • 30 EC: additional courses within the GED Major, including at least 15 EC in 300‐level courses (so that together with the compulsory Institutions in Time course, you meet the the 20 EC at 300-level requirement, see note below). These courses may be distributed in any way that course prerequisites allow and need not be constrained to a limited number of tracks.

Note: to be able to graduate, make sure to have at least a total of 20 EC worth of courses at the 300-level within the Major, including the compulsory Institutions in Time. Additional methodology courses such as Advanced Quantitative Research Methods (300-level) or Advanced Geographic Information Systems (300-level) may also be included.


Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Calculus 5
Institutions of Governance and Development 5
Introduction to Comparative Politics 5
Principles of Economics 5
Sharing Scarcity: The Commons 5
Foundational Texts in Governance, Economics, Development 5
Comparative Justice Systems 5
Sharing Scarcity: Water 5


Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Comparative Party Systems 5
Political Economy: Asia 5
Politics and Development: Coming of Age in Africa 5
Decision-Making Processes 5
Geographic Information Systems 5
Quantitative Research Methods 5
Game Theory 5
Microeconomics 5
International Economics 5
Modelling Bio-economic Dynamics 5
Politics of the Policy Process: Policy Reform and Change 5
Political Economy of Natural Resources 5
Qualitative Research Methods 5
Environmental Governance 5
Politics of the Policy Process: Varieties of Bureaucracy and Governance Outcomes 5
Foundations of Research Design 5
Life Cycle Assessment 5
Macroeconomics 5
Political and Economic Foundations of Law 5
Political Economy: Africa 5
Politics and Development: Africa 5


Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
The Economics of the European Union 5
Environment & Development 5
Institutions in Time 5
Public Policy Analysis: Anti-corruption 5
Advanced Geographic Information Systems 5
Advanced Political Economy 5
Human Security: Poverty 5
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods 5
Environmental Economics 5
Human Security: Food Security 5
Public Policy Analysis: Comparative Social Policy 5
SPOC: Development Project Management 10
Economic Growth and Development 5
Law, Governance and Development 5
Multi-Level Governance 5
Public Policy Analysis: Evidence Based Policy and Evaluation 5