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Physics: Physics and Education

The Physics and Education specialisation prepares students for a career in physics teaching and results in the teacher qualification (eerstegraads lesbevoegdheid) required for employment as a teacher in Dutch secondary schools. It is a joint programme offered in collaboration with the Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching (ICLON). The programme consists of a Physics component (60 EC), to be followed during the first year, and an Education component (60 EC; only taught in Dutch), to be followed in the second year.

Physics Programme (60 EC):

Mandatory Courses (12 EC)
Electives (12 EC)
Research Project (36 EC)

Education Programme (60 EC):

For detailed information on the Education Programme please consult the appendix Specialisation Education Programme ICLON

Study Plan

At the start of the master’s programme in September, students are required to draw up a complete overview of the courses and projects they are planning to follow in the 2 subsequent academic years. This Master Study Plan needs to be approved by the Study Advisor Physics. To select courses, students need to consult the course list for academic year 2017-2018 (see below),

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For more information on the programme and specific requirements, please look at:

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Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Physics programme (60 EC):

Mandatory Courses 12 EC

Academic and Professional Skills (Science) 3
Quantum Information 3
Statistical Physics a 6

Electives 12 EC (select courses in correspondence with the research project)

Research Project 36 EC

Research =30 EC
Thesis =4 EC
Presentation =2 EC

Education Programme (60 EC) offered by ICLON:

Education Programme