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Culture, History & Society (LUC)

Major information: LINK

Major overview: LINK

Major requirements:

  • 15 EC: all three 100-levels courses of the core tracks, namely What is Culture?, Birth of the Modern World, and Social Theory in Everyday Life

  • 15 EC: methodology courses, to include A Child on a Hill: Research Design for the Arts

  • 10 EC: Capstone

  • 45 EC: Additional courses in the Major, either in core tracks, co-convened tracks, or extra methodology classes; must include at least 20 EC at the 300-level


Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Sociolinguistics 5
Social Theory in Everyday Life 5
Birth of the Modern World 5
Introduction to Gender Studies 5
What is Culture? 5
Women, Human Rights, and World Religions 5
Philosophies of the World 5


Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Qualitative Research Methods 5
A Cultural History of Pandemics 5
Cultural Translation 5
World Regional Geography 5
Cultural & Visual Analysis 5
Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality 5
Gender & Development 5
Historical Approaches: Environmentalisms Rich and Poor 5
Historical Research Methods: International History in the Twentieth Century 5
Infrastructure, Art & Culture 5
Anthropology of Difference 5
Gender, Media and Conflict 5
Language & Diversity 5
Advanced History of Philosophy: African Social and Political Philosophy 5
Empire and Post Empire: Anti-colonialism and Decolonization 5
Historical Research Methods: The Environment 5
Political Philosophy: From Machiavelli to Marx 5
A Child on a Hill: Research Design for the Arts 5


Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
History & Politics of Global Migration: Central Europe and the World 5
Feminist Philosophy 5
Politics of Cultural Memory 5
A Social Approach to Multilingualism 5
Asia in Global History: From Colonialism to the Post-Cold War Era 5
Black British Literature: Fiction from Windrush to Brexit 5
Political Ecology: Crises, Resistance and Radical Ecologies 5
Political Iconology: Art and Diversity (1600-1800) 5
The Political: Theories & Practices 5
Faking the Past: Forgery, History and Propaganda 5
Figures & Movements: 20th Century Continental Philosophy 5
History of Family and Marriage Patterns 5
Vulnerability, Gender and the Politics of Care 5