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Ecology, Migration and Tolerance: Limits to Cooperation

N.B. Minor description is up-to-date / course descriptions are subject to change

Many of the most acute problems we face today are global: they transcend national boundaries, they put the future of society and even humanity at peril, and they can only be addressed through international cooperation. However, what can international cooperation deliver? Is it possible to come together and address in a constructive manner looming ecological crises, concerns about democracy and social justice, and the tensions arising from migration and diversity.

This multidisciplinary minor offers an International Studies approach to this set of contemporary challenges. In practice this means you will encounter different disciplinary perspectives across the four courses and will be taught by lecturers from diverse academic backgrounds. The minor will allow you to discuss the limits to cooperation and political mobilisation on the topics of global governance, political ecology, migration, religion, and social justice. Through the readings and lectures you will be exposed to responses to global challenges from both a top-down institutional level (the United Nations) and a bottom-up grassroots approach (social movements). Assignments across the four courses will offer students the opportunity to conduct case study work and explore local and regional perspectives.

Maximum number of students: 50

Prospectus number: 5000MECMTN

Number study activity: 7882

Language: English

Registration: via EduXchange

LEI students 8 May to 15 July 2023

TUD and EUR students 8 May to 31 May 2023


Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Challenges to Internationalism: The Evolution of the United Nations 5
Migrations and Tolerance in a Globalized World 10
Political Economy of Ecological Crisis 10
Politics from Below: Protests and Social Movements 5

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General information

  • Extent: 30 EC (only in semester 1)

  • Intended for: As a package for the minor space, not as individual elective courses

  • Language of instruction:English

  • Coordinator: Dr. J.Kamphuis

  • Information: Coordinator of studies

  • Board of Examiners: International Studies

  • Education Committee: International Studies

  • Registration:
    LEI students 8 May to 15 July 2023
    TUD and EUR students 8 May to 31 May 2023
    Register for the minor activity via EduXchange (applies to all students)
    From July, register separately for the courses via MyStudymap (only applies to LEI students).


Student can create a 15EC minor package if their study programme requires that. They can do so by choosing 1 course for 10EC and 1 course for 5EC from the 4 courses on offer.