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Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The BSc programme Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is a 180 ECTS 3 year programme hosted at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS).

We expect students to have and be able to bring a regular laptop with Linux or Windows. MacOS may in most cases also suffice, but less support might be available. There are no strict hardware requirements. However, for most of the courses we advise a laptop with sufficient (8GB+) memory, a modern CPU (medium range, not necessarily high end), and modern GPU (medium range, if possible CUDA-capable, definitely not high end). Very intensive computation does not need to be performed on these laptops, but would take place on university servers.

First Year

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Fall 2023

Calculus 1 3
Essentials of Computer Systems 6
Foundations of Computer Science 6
Introduction to Programming (BSc) 6
Studying and Presenting 3
Orientation AI 3
Linear Algebra for Computer Scientists 1 3

Spring 2024

Linear Algebra for Computer Scientists 2 3
Algorithms and Data Structures 6
Databases 6
Introduction to Cognitive Science 6
Introduction to Logic 6
Calculus 2 3

Second Year

Students who in previous years did not complete Introduction to Behavioural Data Science (6 ECTS), should now complete Cognition & Computation (3 ECTS) and Research Methods in AI (3 ECTS) instead.

In the 2nd year, students may choose to take the 2 ECTS elective “Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Challenge”, which is listed under “DSAI electives” in the 3rd year.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Fall 2023

Automata Theory 6
Human-Robot Interaction 6
Software Development 6
Statistics for Computer Scientists 6
Symbolic AI 6

Spring 2024

Cognition and Computation 3
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning 6
Machine Learning 6
Neural Computing 6
Research methods in AI 3
Security 6


Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Challenge 2

Third Year

Free choice space

The "free choice space" of 36 ECTS can be filled with

  • With either 1 course from the DSAI electives and one of the 30 ECTS minors offered by Leiden University, Delft University of Technology, or Erasmus University Rotterdam

  • or with a free choice of 6 courses from the DSAI electives (see table below)

If the free choice space is filled in a different way, permission must be requested in advance from the Board of Examiners. The self-composed package of courses must comprise at least 15 EC of courses in the fields of data science and artificial intelligence, and the Board of Examiners will assess for coherence and level.

About the third year

  • The Bachelorklas is a mandatory part of the Bachelorproject.

To be allowed to start the bachelor project in the third year, the following three conditions must be met:
a. the first year ofpropaedeutic phase Data Science and Artificial Intelligence has been successfully completed in its entirety;
b. at the start of the Spring semester of the current academic year, at least 66 ECs have been earned from courses (courses from a minor do not count) from the second and third year of the programme;
c. at that moment at least 18 ECs have been obtained from the fourth semester (Spring semester of the second year) of the programme including the course Introduction to Behavioural Data ScienceResearch Methods in AI.
In exceptional cases, the study advisor can give permission to participate if the second or the third condition have not been fully satisfied.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Mandatory courses

AI & Ethics 3
Bachelorklas 15
Software Engineering 6


Cognitive Modelling 6
Cognitive Neuroscience 6
Concepts of Programming Languages 6
Creative AI 6
Human Computer Interaction and Information Visualization (Bsc) 6
Introduction to Video Game Making 6
Natural Computing 6
Natural Language Processing 6
Data Science 6
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning 6
Program Correctness 6
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Challenge 2