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Emotion and Cognition


Admission requirements

An introduction to Cognitive Psychology is required. For admission information, please contact one of the study advisors of Psychology.


This course addresses the interaction of human emotion and cognition and provides an overview of the basic streams in investigating and theorizing about emotions and affective processing.

Course objectives

The student has gained a broad overview of classical and modern theories on emotion, and a deeper insight into how theoretical concepts and hypotheses in this area can be applied to empirical phenomena and practical problems.


Emotion and Cognition (2014-2015):



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Elective students

You have to enroll for each course separately.

Mode of instruction

The course consists of 10 lectures of two hours and a final exam.

Assessment method

Exam: 40 multiple choice questions in English. Passing criterium = 27 questions correct. Exam questions will be about the study materials in the book, lectures, and additional papers.


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Enrolling is obligatory

Reading list

  • Fox, E. (2008).Emotion Science. Palgrave Macmillan: New York. ISBN-10: 0230005187, ISBN-13: 978023000518

  • Additional papers

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