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Elective courses

Vak 2016-2017

Choose 2 courses (2x5 ects).
Please note that some courses span 2 blocks (see the master time schedule for more details).

Block 1 (5 September - 21 October 2016)
Current issues in the archaeology of the frontier regions of the Roman Empire
Digital data acquisition and analysis (MSc)
Footprints of the European expansion: Perspectives on shared cultural heritage
Heritage of indigenous peoples 1
Key developments in European Prehistory
Mobility and exchange in the Americas across 1492
Neolithisation in the Near East
Palaeoecology and Quaternary stratigraphy: A basic introduction (MSc)
Seminar material culture studies (MSc)

Block 2 (31 October - 16 December 2016)
Environmental history of the Near East
The archaeology of Roman imperialism

Block 3 (30 January - 17 March 2017)
Amerindian foodways
Archaeology of the late Neanderthals and first Modern humans
Current issues in Quaternary research (MSc)
Disruptive innovations in Prehistory
Hellenism in Eurasia
Heritage of indigenous peoples 2
History of construction and heritage
Maritime archaeology
Urban archaeology
Urban societies of the ancient Near East

Block 4 (27 March - 12 May 2017)
Computational methods in archaeology (MSc)
Forensic archaeology
Heritage and governance: Between global policy and local practice