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Archaeology: Museum Studies

This specialisation offers you the opportunity to explore a range of different approaches and issues in cultural politics and cultural theory as relevant to modern museum practices from an archaeological perspective.
Museum Studies in Leiden is especially attractive because of the long-standing traditions in academic and museum work. Three large national museums (the National Museum of Antiquities, the Museum of National History, and the Museum of Ethnology) were founded in Leiden at the beginning of the 19th century.

Museum practices and academic research have always been closely related. Many research programmes involve both researchers from the university as well as researchers from the Leiden museums. In addition, these museums have been more and more involved in ethical issues concerning ownership and mobility of collections and politics of museums and collecting.
The unique combination of practical experience and high-quality academic research offers you a dynamic, contemporary environment in a 200-year tradition.

Dr. M. (Mariana) de Campos Françozo
Prof. dr. R.B. (Ruurd) Halbertsma