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Archaeology: Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology

This specialisation is suitable for graduates in archaeology, ancient history and classics, as well as for those qualified in history and anthropology. Courses are closely related to the two central themes of the department: the archaeology of town and country in the Mediterranean region and the archaeology of culture contact in the (wider) Mediterranean.

Both themes deal with issues ranging from the Bronze Age up to the Middle Ages and an interdisciplinary approach is taken to the subjects of study. Different aspects of these themes will be addressed each year, always aligned with contemporary research carried out by the various staff members and their research groups.
A course in current debates in Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology will not only confront the students with the most important theoretical and other debates and exciting new fieldwork from this vibrant field, but will also introduce them to the scholars, including international scholars involved in the field.

Dr. T.D. (Tesse) Stek
Dr. M.J. (Miguel John) Versluys