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Profiles Master Education and Child Studies (Research) (year 2)


Below, you will find six substantive profiles you can choose from in your Research Master programme. At the beginning of your programme, make sure to discuss your profile with your study-advisor, so she can help you make choices that fit your own personal goals.

Clinical profiles (proficiency in Dutch required)

Profiles A, B, and C are clinically orientated, and can contribute to the Dutch NVO professional registration as Basis-Orthopedagoog. (Note that to obtain this registration, you also need a set of specific bachelor’s courses and/or NVO-exams. Your study-advisor can help assess whether you meet all requirements). To follow these profiles, you need to be able to speak Dutch, because part of the courses involve practising clinical diagnostics and treatment on Dutch patients/clients. In addition, the NVO professional registration is only valid in the Dutch professional field.

Profile A: Forensische Gezinspedagogiek

Profile B: Orthopedagogiek

  1. Autismespectrumstoornissen
  2. Jeugdhulpverlening
  3. Mensen met een verstandelijke beperking
  4. Neuroscience
  • 2 Additional courses (see list below)

Profile C: Leerproblemen

Non-clinical profiles (international)

Profiles D, E, and F are profiles that are not clinically orientated, and are accessible to international students who do not speak Dutch. Profiles D and E can contribute to the NVO professional registration as Basis-Pedagoog (only valid in the Netherlands). (Note that to obtain this registration, you also need a set of specific bachelor’s courses and/or NVO-exams. Your study-advisor can help with assessing whether you meet all requirements).

Profile D: Educational Science

Profile E: Parenting and Child Development

Profile F: Applied Neuroscience in Human Development

Additional courses

To complete your profile, you can choose from the list below. All of these courses are taught in English. Note that you can only take a course as an additional course, if it is not an obligatory course in your profile. To help you choose, clicking on the course names will lead you to the course description in the e-prospectus. Of course, your study-advisor can also support you with choosing courses.

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Other additional courses

It is also possible to follow an additional course at another (Research) Master's degree programme offered by Leiden University or another university.
This is only allowed after (1) approval from the institute that offers the course and (2) approval of the course by your mentor. If your mentor agrees, he must send an email to Jacquy Bouwer ( with your name, student number, the name of the additional course and his approval.
You must then submit a request for an elective via uSis, before the additional course starts.

Submitting a request in uSis
You can request elective courses taught by the Institute of Education and Child Studies or another institute of Leiden University in the following way.

In uSis, go to 'academic requirements' > click on an elective (= profile) course that has not yet been filled in > select 'submit application' and then 'replacement' > fill in the details of the elective course you wish to follow > click on 'submit'.
After taking an elective course at Leiden University, the exam grade will automatically be incorporated into your study requirements.
NB After taking the elective course at another university, you must submit written proof of the exam grade - signed and/or stamped by the university where you took the course - to the Student Service Centre.