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Linguistics 5: Introduction to English Generative Phonology



This course is concerned with the basic principles of modern phonological theory, with particular reference to generative phonology, both the classsical derivational model and that of Optimality Thory. The following topics will be considered: to what extent are the sound systems of all languages the same?; how do phonological processes in Modern English compare to those in Dutch and in earlier stages of English; how do sounds combine?; how are sounds structured?; phonological features.

Teaching method

One hour lecture and one hour seminar per week.

Admission requirements

A pass mark for Linguistics 4 or similar course.

Course objectives

Students acquire a more in-depth knowledge of phonological theory, and learn how to relate phonological processes in English to those in other languages.

Required reading

To be announced.

Test method

One in-term written assignment (30%), final written examination (70%).

Time table

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English Department, P.N. van Eyckhof 4, room 102c. Phone: 071 527 2144, or by mail:


Students can register through U-twist before 15 July. After 15 July students can only register through the Departmental Office.


There will be no Blackboard site available.