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Kerncurriculum: Area Studies



In het eerste jaar van elk bachelorprogramma Geesteswetenschappen wordt 5 ects ingeruimd voor een facultair kerncurriculum. Een kerncurriculum biedt een introductie in een wetenschapsgebied dat centraal staat binnen de geesteswetenschappen. Voor studenten van opleidingen verbonden aan het Leiden Institute of Area Studies is het kerncurriculum Area Studies verplicht.

An Introduction to Area Studies

All scholarly work in the social sciences and humanities necessarily focuses on one or more socio-historic area, be that Europe, the USA, China, Iran or elsewhere. However, it is also important for scholars to be self-reflexive about the importance of their own situatedness in a particular place and tradition: no research is done in an ideal, value-free vacuum. Even the most conventional, mainstream disciplines are rooted in particular (often European) experiences.

Based around the question, ‘where is here?’, this course explores the various dynamics of interaction between the location of a scholar and the location of her subject matter. It seeks to encourage students to consider the status of knowledge produced in different fields and places, and to think creatively about how these might be related to one another in constructive ways. It draws particularly on the comparative and interdisciplinary nature of Area Studies to prepare students to develop their own intellectual and political strategies for dealing with identity and difference in their academic work, in whatever field that might be. The course draws on case studies from around the world and from different historical periods; it uses multiple media types (including film and literature); and it draws on a range of different multi-disciplinary themes (eg. empire, identity, migration etc.)

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Prof. Dr. C.S. Goto-Jones