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Linguistics 4: The Phonology of English


Admission requirements

A pass mark for Linguistics 1.


This course is concerned with the relationship between phonetic and phonological structure in English, building on the material considered in Linguistics 1: The Phonetics of English. The focus of the course will be on the internal structure of speech sounds, on the phonological organisation of these sounds into syllables and on the relationship between phonology and the structure of morphologically complex words.

Course objectives

  • Students are acquainted with the allophonic properties of English speech sounds.

  • Students have a basic knowledge of the phonological representation of segments and syllables, and of segmental processes such as assimilation.

  • Students have insight into the relationship between phonology and the structure of morphologically complex words.

Mode of instruction

Lecture (1 hour p/w)
Seminar (1 hour p/w)

Course Load - Hours spent on attending lectures and seminars: 26

  • Time for preparing homework (reading + exercises): 34

  • Time to prepare for written assignment, quiz and exam: 80

Assessment method

  • Mid-term written assignment: 15%

  • In-term quiz: 15%

  • End of term exam: 70%



Reading list

Philip Carr (2012). English phonetics and phonology: an introduction. 2nd edn. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. (The 1st edition of this book (1999) is out of date, and is not compatible with the 2nd edition.)

You should also have in your possession the following, which was used in Linguistics 1: Beverley Collins & Inger M. Mees (1998). Working with the phonetics of English and Dutch. Leiden: Brill (4th revised edition).

Other reading will be provided.

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