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Lectures & Journalism


Admission requirements

Student of the Honours College FSW program.


The course consists of two closely connected parts: a series of lectures from different disciplines and organizations, and a writing clinic. The course has a twofold aim: on the one hand to stimulate students to expand their knowledge in a wide range of subjects, follow their curiosity, and develop a constructive and critical attitude, and on the other hand enhance their writing skills.

  • Part I
    At least eight lectures are attended. These lectures present different perspectives on a range of disciplines. Most lectures are free of charge; however for some lectures students will have to buy a ticket.
    Five lectures are used as input for the writing clinic. Student are free to choose which ones. In addition to the assignments for the writing clinic students will hand in three reviews of the remaining lectures.

  • Part II
    In five sessions students will practice different types of journalistic articles. Writing a news item, an opinion piece, a review, and an interview will be discussed and practiced.

Students can choose whether to follow the English or Dutch version of the writing clinic. Once chosen students are expected tot stay in that class. For both groups there is a maximum number of 20 participants.

Course objectives

  • Analyze lectures and detect the main points;

  • Reflect in a critical way on subjects discussed, and own learning process;

  • Formulate a well-founded opinion;

  • Use a range of writing skills;

  • Gain knowledge on a wide range of subjects;

  • Develope a constuctive and critical attitude


Check the Science & Society program.

Mode of instruction

The program consists of eight lectures and five workshops.

Assessment method

Grade is based on the assignment and attendance of the student.
The study credits of 3 EC can be extended to 5 EC by doing two additional assignments, after consulting the lecturer and coach.