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Basisvaardigheden programmeren.


Een DataBase Management System (DBMS) vormt een onontbeerlijke tool om grote hoeveelheden gegevens te beheren. Heden ten dage komen databases voor in zo ongeveer elke branche op het gebied van wetenschap, technologie en zakenwereld. Deze cursus geeft een veelomvattende inleiding in ontwerp en toepassing van databases. De cursus verschaft praktische ervaring in het werken met een DBMS en met databases als backend van een internetapplicatie. Tevens zullen basistheoretische onderwerpen aan bod komen. Tenslotte verschaft de cursus een eerste overzicht van recente onderwerpen op het gebied van databases zoals Data Warehousing, Data Mining en Internet database beheer.


  • Translate real-world data organization and constraints into a relational database design

  • Learn how to create, manipulate, and query databases using SQL

  • Learn basic techniques for programming database-backed applications

  • Understand how to tune databases for access efficiency, concurrent access and redundancy avoidance

  • Get an overview of advanced techniques such as OLAP, data mining, and data warehousing

This year, due to special circumstances, the part on programming language interfaces is not mandatory. It will be not part of the exam and homework and only provide material and guidance for self study (and provide the opportunity to ask questions).


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  • Per week 2 uur hoorcollege(slides via blackboard, video lectures via Kaltura teaching rooms, instructions on blackboard) gevolgd door 2 uur practicalhomework, where exercises will be given to students and teaching assistants will provide answers to questions in a Kaltura chatroom and also provide summaries of the content.

Teaching of SQL will be done using SQLLite (open domain, can be installed on personal computer at home). We will allow also ORACLE homework, but can due to special circumstances only provide remote access via scp.

Instructions will be found in blackboard.


  • Two graded assignments (Topics 2-6, Topics 7-10). Submission via email to specified adress

  • One written exam (followed by a retake exam).

  • Final Grade = 0.2 * Grade Assignment 1 + 0.2 * Grade Assignment 2 + 0.6 * Exam


  • Ramakrishnan, R. & Gehrke, J. (2003). Database management systems (Vol. 3), McGraw-Hill.

  • Slides available on the webpage.


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Lecturer: Michael Emmerich
Skype: mtmemmmerich (please only use in case of discussions during speaking hours or lecture breaks).
Contact hours for skype will be announced on blackboard.
Assistant: The information of email is on the blackboard

Onderwijscoördinator Informatica, Riet Derogee.