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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Advanced Sumerian 10
Advanced Themes in Archaeology 5
Advanced Topics in Experimental Clinical Psychology 5
Advanced Topics in Indo-European Morphology: Nominal Morphology 10
Advanced Topics in Indo-European Phonology 10
Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics I:Topological Methods in Theoretical Physics 6
Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics II: Hydrodynamics and collective dynamics 6
Advanced Transfer Pricing 4
Advanced Translation 5
Advances in Data Mining 6
Advances in Model Checking 6
Advances in Neurophysiology 6
Advocacy and governance to address global challenges in a more geopolitical world 5
Advocacy and Litigation 5
Aerospace Law 5
Aesthetics 5
Aesthetics & performance in electronic music 3
Africa History & Anthropology 3: Oranje-Blanje-Blues: A shared history of the Netherlands and South Africa 10
Africa History and Anthropology 1: Africa from Zero to Now 5
Africa History and Anthropology 1: Building Blocks for African History 5
Africa History and Anthropology 1: Research in Contemporary Africa 5
Africa in Cross-Regional Perspective 10
Africa in Practice 5
African History and Anthropology 2: Media and Power 10
African Literature: Novels, Conflict and Dialogue 5
Afrikaanse taal en cultuur 10
Agonal Perspectives on Nietzsche's Philosophy 10
Air transport competition law and policy 6
Akkadian Literary Texts 10
Akzentprüfung Ältere deutsche Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft 5
Alexander of Aphrodisias On Fate, or How Human Beings Escape Determinism 10
ALGANT Master research project 34
Algebra 1 6
Algebra 2 6
Algebra 3 6
Algebraic geometry 1 (MM) 8
Algebraic Geometry 2 (MM) 8
Algebraic number theory (MM) 8
Algebraic Topology (MM) 8
Algorithmics 6
All Mastermath fall courses 6/8
All Mastermath spring courses 6/8
Allogeneic Transplantation and Immunotherapy: From Bench to Bedside 6
Alternative Energy Strategies 5
American Comics Against the Code: Autobiography and Journalism in Graphic Novels 10
Amerindian Shamanism in the Caribbean and Amazonia (BA2) 5
Amerindian Shamanism in the Caribbean and Amazonia (BA3) 5
AMS on site: Practices and Approaches 10
An archival VOC mentality? Archival issues in an early-modern Dutch-Asian context 10
An Argumentative Approach to Populism 10