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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Chinese Filosofie II 5
Chinese Filosofie III 5
Chinese History in a Global Context I 5
Chinese History in a Global Context II 5
Chinese history until 1911 5
Chinese literature and society: text, power, and money 5
Chinese literature: poetry from the Book of Songs to WeChat 5
Chinese Literature: prose & film from Zhuangzi to Wong Kar-wai 5
Chinese Taalkunde: ideeën over het Chinees 5
Chinese taalkunde: typologie 5
Christendom: de basics 5
Christianity, Nationhood, and Citizenship: Historical Perspectives on the Dutch Case (16th Century-Present) 10
Cinema & Letteratura nel Novecento Italiano (Corso monografico) 5
Cinema & the Digital 5
Cinema and Literature in Brazil: Intermedial Journeys 5
Cinema and Photography: Methodology 5
Cinema and Photography: Theory 5
Cinema: Avant-garde (Movements 2) 5
Cinema: Avant-garde/Expanded Cinema (Movements 2) 5
Cinema: Complex Narratives 5
Cinema: Postmodernism (Movements 3) 5
Cinema: Realism and Modernism (Movements 1) 5
Classic Japanese 2 5
Classical Chinese 3a 5
Classical Coins as Source for the History of the Antiquity 5
Classical Cultures of South and Southeast Asia: Seminar 1 5
Classical Persian Texts 5
Classical Readings: Augustine's Confessions 5
Classical Readings: Descartes' Discours de la méthode 5
Classics and Ancient Civilizations MA-Seminar 5
Cognitive Neuroscience of Language 10
Collective Memory & Transitional Justice 10
Colonial and World History: Dutch Sources as Window to the World 5
Colonial Wars: a military perspective on Modern Imperialism and Decolonisation 10
Colonialism and the Representation of Society and State 10
Colonialism in context: British India, c.1750-1950 10
Common Course: Herodotus and Ancient Civilizations 10
Communicating Across Cultures 5
Communicating Research 3
Communicating through clay in the Ancient Near East 10
Communication in Africa 5
Communism in the Polder. The Dutch Commmunist Party 1918-1963 10
Comparative Literatures of the Middle East 5
Comparative Philosophy 5
Comparative Philosophy I: Classical Readings 5
Comparative Religion 5
Comparative Semitics 10
Comparative Stylistics 5
Comparative Syntax 10
Concealment and Disclosure. Transparency, Secrecy and Privacy in Democratic Societies 10