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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Academic Year in Japan B 25
Academic Year in Japan C 5
Academische en Wetenschappelijke Vorming jaar 1 5
Academische Vaardigheden (Nederlandse taal en cultuur)
Academische vaardigheden en beroepsoriëntatie Pedagogische Wetenschappen jaar 2 2
Academische Vaardigheden: Data-analyse 5
Academische Vaardigheden: Onderzoeksontwerp 5
Academische Vorming 1 3
Academische Vorming 2 4
Academische Vorming 3 1
Accent indirecte belastingen
Accounting 3
Accounting (I&E) 8
Actors and Behaviour in Cyberspace 4
Actors in World Politics 7
Actuele juridische zaken en vraagstukken 5
Acute en Intensieve Zorg 12
Ad fontes. Sources for Early Modern History 5
Adaptation: Literature and Film 5
Administrative Ethics 5
Administrative Law 5
Administrative Law (Ba) 5
Adoptie en pleegzorg in pedagogisch perspectief 5
Adults and Children in a Polarising World 4
Advanced Academic Skills and Career Orientation 3
Advanced Academic Skills Elite Course 6
Advanced Activities Bachelor Research Project 6
Advanced Algebraic Geometry (MM) 8
Advanced Archaeological Theory: How Materials Shaped The Human World 5
Advanced Archaeology of Early Roman Imperialism 5
Advanced Archaeology of the Assyrian Empire 5
Advanced Archaeology of the Crusades 5
Advanced Biblical Hebrew Grammar 10
Advanced Cell Biology 4
Advanced Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 5
Advanced Community Heritage and Public Archaeology 5
Advanced Cuneiform Epigraphy 10
Advanced Current Issues in Archaeological Science 5
Advanced Current Issues in the Archaeology of the Americas 5
Advanced Current Issues in the Archaeology of the Frontier Regions of the Roman Empire 5
Advanced Data Management for Data Analysis 6
Advanced Fetal and Neonatal Care 15
Advanced Geographic Information Systems 5
Advanced History of Philosophy: Chinese Philosophy 5
Advanced Indo-European Morphology (Noun) 10
Advanced International Criminal Law and Procedure (ICL) 5
Advanced Korean Reading 10
Advanced Mandarin: Listening & Speaking 1 5
Advanced Mandarin: Listening & Speaking 2 5
Advanced Mandarin: Listening & Speaking 3 5