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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Discourse analysis 5
Discrete Besliskunde 6
Discretionary space 30
Discretionary space (Philosophy) 30
Discretionary space (Philosophy) 30
Discrimination Law: Transnational Perspectives 5
Disease, climate and ecology: readings in environmental history 10
Displacement, memory and identity in Latin American narrative and film 10
Displacement, Migration and Diaspora: Anthropological Perspectives on South Asia 10
Disputing Deconstructed 5
Distance and Proximity. Politicians and Citizens in the Netherlands from c. 1800 until Today 10
Distributed Data Processing Systems 6
Distributive Justice 10
Diversity and Power 10
Diversity Linguistics: Africa, Asia and the Americas 10
Divided Korea 5
Documentary Texts from Deir el-Medina and their social and cultural setting 10
Doing the Most Good: Effective Altruism and International Relations 5
Double Bachelor+
Double Bachelor+ NTK, WSK, STK zie OER
Dramatic Media 10
Drug Delivery 4
Drug Delivery Technology 5
Dutch - Beginners 10
Dutch 1 Beginners 10
Dutch 2 Pre-Intermediate 10
Dutch 3 Intermediate 5
Dutch and European Financial Law 10
Dutch cultural history: Dutch-Indies literature 5
Dutch Debates – Topical Questions in Dutch Society, Culture I 5
Dutch East India Company embassies to Asian courts, 1600-1800 10
Dutch Education as Arena of Identity Politics, 1879-2021 10
Dutch in Practice 5
Dutch Media and Society 5
Dutch Painting 1400 – 1950: Introduction to the Art History of the Netherlands, Cultuurwetenschap I 5
Dutch parliamentary democracy 5
Dutch Prehistory in a European Context 5
Dutch Tax Law 5
Dutch to English Translation 5
Dying and Grieving: A Cultural History of Death 5
Dynamical Systems (MM) 8
Dynamical systems seminar (BM) 6
Dynamics and Chaos 6
Dynamics of International Organisation 10
Dynamics of Molecule-Surface Reactions (DST) 6
e-Health Interventions in Mental Health Care 5
E) Tender Law 5
Early Anatolians 10
Early Christian Literature in Context 5
Early Islamic Thought and the World of Late Antiquity 10