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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Hands-on Museum Research Experience (10 EC) 10
Health and Medical Psychology 10
Health Psychology: From Research to Practice 5
Health, ageing and genetic diversity 4
Heart and Blood Vessels 15
Heterogeneous Catalysis (HET) 6
High Contrast Imaging 3
High Performance Computing I 6
High Performance Computing II 6
High-dimensional data analysis 6
Hindi 3 10
Hindi 4 10
Hindi Literature 10
Hindu Myths in the Art of South and Southeast Asia 5
Hindu Myths in the Art of South and Southeast Asia 5
Historical Linguistics 5
Historical sociolinguistics: language in the city 10
Histories of Modern South and Southeast Asia 5
Historische Taalkunde 5
History and Culture of Modern Turkey 5
History of Central Asia & Afghanistan 5
History of Construction and Heritage 5
History of Contemporary Iran 5
History of European Decorative Arts and Design 5
History of Modern Philosophy 5
History of Political Philosophy 5
History of the Dutch language 5
History of the human lineage 6
History: Africa 5
History: East Asia 5
History: Europe 5
History: Latin America 5
History: Middle East 5
History: North America 5
History: Russia and Eurasia 5
History: South and South-East Asia 5
Hittite 5
Holocaust Icons in Arts, Film and Literature (minor) 5
Hormones and the Nervous System 10
How literature works: Analysis and interpretation 5
How The World Makes Art 5
HUM Seminar Popular Visual Culture 5
Human Computer Interaction and Information Visualization 6
Human Impacts on Biodiversity 6
Human Pathology 7
Hunter-gatherer Archaeology 5
Iconography of South and Southeast Asia 5
Iconography of South and Southeast Asia 5
ICT Architectures 6
ICT Enabled Process Innovation 3