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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Anatolian Languages: Hittite and Luwian 5
Ancient Egyptian Law 5
Anthropological Linguistics 5
Anthropology and Sociology of Modern Day South-East Asia 10
Anthropology and Sociology of Sub-Saharan Africa 10
Anthropology of Japan 10
Anthropology of Religion 10
Antieke Godsdiensten 5
Antieke Wijsbegeerte Overzicht 1: Van Thales tot en met Plato 5
Apocalypse Now! Christian Expectations on the End of the World, 1500-1800 (and Beyond) 5
Applied Quantum Algorithms 6
Approaches to Argumentative Discourse 10
Approaches to East Asian Cinema (10 EC) 10
Approaches to East Asian Cinema (5 EC) 5
Approaches to Film 10
Approaches to Literature 5
Archaeological Theory: How Materials Shaped The Human World 5
Archaeology of the Ancient Near East 5
Archives and Libraries in Achaemenid Babylonia 10
Area Study Sustainability Indonesia 7
Area Study Sustainability Philippines 10
Argumentatie: kritisch denken en logisch redeneren 4
Argumentation and persuasion 5
Argumentative And Rhetorical Practices 10
Art & Earth: Taking an Ecological view on Contemporary Art Worldwide 10
Art and Violence in Latin America (LK4B) 5
Art in the Song-Yuan-Ming Transition 5
Art in the West - 1800 5
Art’s Agency: How Art Changes the World 5
Artificial Creatures 4
Artificial Intelligence and Neurocognition 5
Arts and Material Culture of Japan 5
Arts in Society 5
Arts, Life Science and Digital Culture 10
Aspetti dell'italiano contemporaneo 5
Astrobiology 3
Astrochemistry 3
Astronomical Observing Techniques 5
Astronomical Relativity 6
Astronomical Telescopes and Instruments 6
Astronomy from Space 3
Astronomy Lab and Observing Project 5
Atherosclerosis 4
Attention: Theory and Practice 5
Audio Processing and Indexing 6
Audiovisuele journalistiek 10
Author and media 5
Automated Machine Learning 6
BA Internship Art History 10/15/20
Bachelor Project: Research (N+S / S+N) 20