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Name Type
(Re)Imagining Port Cities: Understanding Space, Society and Culture Minor
* European Union Studies Minor
African Dynamics Minor
Afstudeerrichting Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Modular
American Studies Minor
Archaeology: Heritage and Society Bachelor
Archaeology: MA Applied Archaeology Master
Archaeology: MA Global Archaeology Master
Archaeology: MA Heritage and Museum Studies Master
Archaeology: MSc Archaeological Science Master
Archaeology: Research Master Master
Archaeology: World Archaeology Bachelor
Artificial Intelligence and Society Minor
Astronomy Bachelor
Astronomy Master
Astronomy and Business Studies Master
Astronomy and Cosmology Master
Astronomy and Data Science Master
Astronomy and Instrumentation Master
Astronomy and Science Communication and Society Master
Astronomy Research Master
Bedrijfswetenschappen Minor
Bestuurskunde: Openbaar Bestuur, Beleid en Management Minor
Biodiversity Minor
Biomedical Sciences Master
Biomedical Sciences: Communication Master
Biomedical Sciences: Education Master
Biomedical Sciences: Health Master
Biomedical Sciences: Management Master
Biomedical Sciences: Research Master
Biomedische wetenschappen Bachelor
Boek, boekhandel en uitgeverij Minor
Brain and Cognition (interdisciplinaire minor) Minor
Business Administration Minor
Chinese Economy and Society Minor
Computational Approaches to Disease, Signaling and Drug Targets Minor
Creative Strategies for a Society in Change Minor
Criminologie Minor
Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology Minor
Cultural Memory of War and Conflict Minor
Culture and Society in Morocco Minor
Cyber Security Governance Essentials Minor
Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Minor
De middeleeuwen en vroegmoderne tijd Minor
Digital Humanities Minor
Disease, Signaling and Drug Targets Modular
Disinformation and Strategic Communication in Global Media Minor
Dynamics in Groups and Decision Making Minor
Ecology, Migration and Tolerance: Limits to Cooperation Minor
Economie en Beleid Minor