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French and the French-speaking world

French and the Francophone world

France holds a prominent political position within Europe, which has only grown stronger since Brexit. It also serves as an important trading partner for the Netherlands. At the same time, French is a true global language, granting access to a multitude of cultures and rich literary traditions. The French language counts over 320 million speakers across all continents. This number continues to rise, particularly in African countries that are becoming increasingly important players in the global economy.

Within this minor program, students not only enhance their proficiency in French, but also delve into the recent history and culture the Francophone world, from Canada to the Maghreb and the Caribbean. Students have the flexibility to shape their own program by choosing a specialization course focusing on French culture, linguistics, or literature.

The courses of this minor are taught in French and are open for students who have a at least a A2/B1 level of French (equivalent to the level that is reached after about 6 years of French at secondary school). Students with a high level of French proficiency (B2 or higher/(near) native) can contact the coordinator of studies to discuss which courses they could take instead of the language proficiency course that is part of this program.


Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
French language acquisition 10
Le français dans le monde : introduction à la linguistique française 5
Francophonies et littératures francophones 10
Culture et société contemporaine (des ‘Trente Glorieuses’ à aujourd’hui) 5
Littérature de la Renaissance aux Lumières 5
Séminaire pratique: Le Français Juridique 5

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  • Extent 30 ec (taught in its entirety in first semester)

  • Intended for: students who wish to learn more about the Francophone world while improving their French proficiency

  • Language of instruction: French

  • Website: Minors 2024-2025

  • Coordinator: Dr. Alisa van de Haar

  • Information: Coordinator Dr. Alisa van de Haar and Coordinator of Studies drs. Ellen Poolman

  • Board of Examiners: EC Frans, Italiaans, Duits

  • Education Committee: OC BA Franse taal en cultuur

  • Enrolment:
    LEI students 15 May (13:00hrs) to 4 July 2024
    TUD and EUR students 15 May (13:00hrs) to 31 May 2024
    Request an eduID account to register in EduXchange. On how to do this, watch Explore & register for your minor via eduXchange.
    From July, register separately for the courses via MyStudymap (only applies to LEI students).

Follow-on master’s programme

This minor program is an asset for students who consider the possibility of taking French courses during their MA-program, for instance by studying at a Francophone university.


  • A 15-EC variant of the program can be realized by combining the courses French language proficiency (level 100, 10 EC) and Culture et société contemporaine (des ‘Trente Glorieuses’ à aujourd'hui) or another 5 EC course of level 300 from the French program.

  • Alternatively, students who enter the minor with high level of French may opt for the combination of Francophonies et littératures francophones (level 300, 10 EC) and Le français dans le monde: introduction à la linguistique française (level 100, 5 EC).