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Exchange Political Science

Exchange students please note the following, for course with levels 300 or 400:

This is an advanced course. You must be a Political Science or International Relations student at your home university in order to take it. If you are unsure of whether you meet this requirement, please contact us at before requesting admission to this course.

Exchange Political Science 2024-2025

These courses offered by the Institute of Political Science are open for Exchange students and Study Abroad. The courses take place in Leiden or The Hague, as indicated in the course description.

please see the Prospective students website for information on how to apply.

Schedules are accessible via MyTimetable, after registration.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Semester I

Electoral Competition in Contemporary Democracies 5
Introduction to International Organisations 5
Comparative Analysis of Political Systems 5
Introduction to International Relations (for Exchange) 5
The Politics and Strategy of Weapons of Mass Destruction 5
Introduction to International Political Economy 5
Economics for Political Scientists 5
Actors in World Politics (for Exchange) 5
Analyzing International Relations 5
International Political Economy (IRO) 5
The Power of the Past: The Contemporary Relevance of Histories 10

Semester II

Europe's Armed Forces and Societies 5
Citizens' Participation in Contemporary Democracies 5
Global History 5
International Security 5
Ontwikkelingsvraagstukken in de Internationale Politiek 5
Global Security 5
Introduction to Comparative Politics (for Exchange) 5
International Development 5
Contemporary Political Philosophy 5
Politics of the Middle East 5
Environmental Politics 5
International Law and Human Rights 5
Rationele Keuzetheorie 5
Rational Choice Theory 5
Democratisation Processes in Contemporary Africa 10
Politiek van de Europese Unie (for Exchange) 5
Politics of the European Union (for Exchange) 5