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Law & Finance (Advanced Master Programme)

The Master of Laws: Advanced Studies in Law & Finance is an intensive one-year programme that focusses on the financial sector combining perspectives from both the legal and economic disciplines with special attention to sustainability and ethics. The programme is open to legal professionals who wish to specialise in financial law as well as non-lawyers (financial experts) who wish to increase their understanding of financial law by pursuing an advanced studies at a postgraduate level.

The programme provides students with profound knowledge of and insight into specific areas of law relating to finance, such as banking law, capital markets legislation, (corporate) governance legislation, contract law, property law and private international law. The programme has a strong practical dimension and provides students with the tools to understand and work at the intersection of law and finance.

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In the programme, students will be required to complete eight courses and to write a thesis. The courses are accompanied by a variety of assignments that offer training in practical skills, including writing a legal brief and practicing oral presentations.

The courses are:

Foundation courses:

  • Introduction EU Financial Regulation (6 ECTS)

  • Financial Reporting (5 ECTS)

  • Corporate Finance & Valuation (6 ECTS)

Core courses:

  • EU Regulation of Financial Institutions (8 ECTS)

  • Banking & Finance Transactions (10 ECTS)

  • Thesis (10 ECTS)

Supplementary courses:

  • Capital Markets (5 ECTS)

  • Sustainable Finance (5 ECTS)

  • Digital Finance (5 ECTS)

Please note that we are working on this website and are continuously updating it with detailed course descriptions. Description for each course will be available by 1 September 2024 at the latest.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Semester 1

Introduction EU Financial Regulation 6
Financial Reporting 5
EU Regulation of Financial Institutions 8

Semester 2

Banking & Finance Transactions 10
Sustainable Finance 5
Digital Finance 5