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Crisis and Security Management

Crisis and Security Management

This new Master has its routs in the Master Public Administration, where it was a track. The first intake of the master CSM is February 2011.

This Master is made up of five core courses, the thesis and three specialisation courses.

Only students of the MSc Crisis and Security Management can participate in the courses of MSc Crisis and Security Management.



In order to graduate every student has to participate in these courses:

  • Thesis (20.0 ECTS)

  • Three specialisation courses (3* 5.0 ECTS)

  • Research Design (5.0 ECTS)

  • Four State of the Art-courses

    • State of the Art-Public Institutions (5.0 ECTS)
    • State of the Art-Public Policy (5.0 ECTS)
    • State of the Art-Public Management (5.0 ECTS)
    • State of the Art-Public Values (5.0 ECTS)

The courses for block 1 and 2 take place in the next academic year and are therefor not part of the overview

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
State of the Art: Public Values* 5
State of the Art: Public Management* 5
Private Security and Public Domain 5
Hatecrime and Security 5
Security, Crisis and Communication 5
Peacebuilding After Conflict 5
Research Design* 5


Students who start in February 2012:

  • Block 3

    • State of the Art-Public Management (5.0 ECTS)
    • State of the Art-Public Values (5.0 ECTS)
    • Specialisation course (5.0 ECTS)
  • Block 4

    • Research Design (5.0 ECTS)
    • Specialisation course (5.0 ECTS)
    • Phase 1 Thesis
  • Block 1 (new academic year)

    • State of the Art-Public Institutions (5.0 ECTS)
    • State of the Art-Public Policy (5.0 ECTS)
    • Phase 2 Thesis
  • Block 2

    • Specialisation course
    • Final phase thesis

Students who start in September 2012

  • To be announced

Feb 6, 2012

This invitation is exclusively directed at the students of the new Crisis and Security Management Master. By means of this message I would like to draw your attention to the official openings day of this new Master.

6 February

We would like to invite you to its official opening on the 6th of February 2012 from 09.30 to 17.00. For this day a program has been composed for students to get an idea of the working field of the CSM Master. During this day we will visit several institutions which are involved in the field of crisis and security management.
We hope to welcome you on the 6th of February 2012 at the Restaurant on the 13th floor of Stichthage at 09.30. The day will be opened by – among others- prof. dr. Edwin Bakker. The opening will take place at Campus The Hague location Stichthage, 13th floor.


Next we will visit the COT Institute for safety and crisis management where Mr. Laurens van der Varst will give a presentation of the institute and its role before, during and after a crisis has occurred. This lecture is followed by a visit to The Royal and Diplomatic Protection Department (DKDB) where Mr. Nick Koeman will speak about his experiences with the DKDB. A lunch is provided at Stichthage. During lunch prof. dr. Ben Ale (Delft University of Technology) will speak about the everyday worries where professionals have to deal with in the field of crisis and security management.

After lunch we will visit the Ministry of Defence where their role and involvement in times of crises will be discussed. From the Ministry of Defence we will visit to the office of the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) where we will be provided with a presentation on the wide scope of responsibilities of the NCTV.

The NCTV visit will be concluded with a drinks reception

Joining us?

Please inform Daan Weggemans before the 25th of January when you will be joining us during this tour ( As we will visit high security institutions you are required to bring your passport or identity card – without such a document you will not be allowed entry into these buildings. If you have any other questions please do let us know.

Kind Regards,

Edwin Bakker (Coordinator CSM Master) & Daan Weggemans (Coordinator Opening Event)

uSIS & BlackBoard

Blackboard (BB) and uSIS


Through uSIS you will be able to:

  • Access your examination results

  • Register for examinations (if applicable) and cancel registrations.

  • Register for seminars and cancel registrations.

  • Change your study address.

  • Students are required to register for each course and each examination separately.
    This is possible from four weeks up to ten days before the start of the course or the date of the examination.


All students have access to the course materials that are posted on the Blackboard system, an e-learning tool for online learning and instruction. Blackboard facilitates the exchange of messages and documents between students and lecturers and among
students. You can log in using your ULCN account, which consists of a username and a password.
Go to and then to ‘courses’. It is important to check your courses on this site on a regular basis, since most of the information (literature, sheets, assignments, changes in the schedule) will be posted on Blackboard. Please note that
you cannot register for a course through Blackboard. Registration for courses is only possible via USIS (see above)!

Since Blackboard is not used as a means of registration for courses, the co-ordinator of the course can decide whether he or she wishes to make use of Blackboard and when the relevant page will be made available to the students.

The ULCN account

The ULCN account gives you access to all the necessary IT facilities of Leiden University until you have completed your programme. Together with the account, you are automatically assigned an e-mail box (uMail box).