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First year

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Algoritmiek (I&E) 6
Continue wiskunde (I&E) 6
Databases (I&E) 6
I&E Integratie 1 6
Marketing 8
Micro-Economie 8
Organisatie 8
Programmeermethoden (I&E) 6
Studentenseminarium (I&E) 0
Studievaardigheden (I&E) 6

Second year

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Computer Systems and Telematics 6
Datastructuren (I&E) 6
Fundamentele Informatica 1 (I&E) 6
I&E Integratie 2 4
Introduction Accounting 8
Kunstmatige Intelligentie (I&E) 6
Lineaire Algebra en Beeldverwerking (I&E) 6
Macro-economy 8
Software Engineering (I&E) 6
Applied Statistics 4

Third year

In the third year, next to a couple of mandatory courses, you can choose between the specialisation packages Core Computer Science (see course overview) and Business Information Systems (for this specialisation a couple of courses are chosen in consideration with the Erasmus University of Rotterdam).

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Verplichte vakken

Bachelordossier (I&E) 16
Data Mining 6
Finance (I&E) 8
Human Computer Interaction 6

Specialisatie Core Computer Science

Computer Graphics 6
Natural Computing 6
Requirements Engineering 6
Theorie van Concurrency 6

Specialisatie Business Information Systems

Business Process Modeling (I&E) 4
Computational Intelligence (I&E) 4
Seminar Business Information Systems 12
Topics in Business Intelligence 4