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Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2


Select one of the following languages

First semester

Introduction to Asian Studies 5
Thesis Class 5


Select one of the following language courses

Modern Chinese Oral/Aural Proficiency A 5
Modern Chinese Oral/Aural Proficiency B 5

Second language course Chinese

Select one other language course

Modern Chinese reading/writing 5
Language Training: Advanced readings in Premodern Chinese 5


Advanced reading & writing in Japanese 1 10


Advanced Korean Language Training: Reading 5
Advanced Korean Language Training: Translation 5

Select one or more electives:

Chinese Art History 10
The persecution of witches in premodern Asia 10
Chinese Linguistics 10
Forgery as Historiography in Korean and East Asian History 10
Sociology of Japan 10
Using Language in context: Narrative and Interaction 10
Nation, State and Security in Post-war Japanese Political Thought 10
Writing Histories: Modern Japan, Asia, and the World 10
Multiple Histories of Early Modern Japan 10

Second semester



Choose one of the following three courses:

Advanced Modern Chinese: Writing 5
Advanced Modern Chinese: Reading 5
Advanced Modern Chinese: Speaking 5


Advanced reading & writing in Japanese 2 5


Korean Translation 5

Select one elective:

New Diversities in Asia 10
Topics in Chinese linguistics 10
Topical Readings in Chinese (texts on premodern China) 10
The remaining two Advanced Modern Chinese languages classes 10
Asia through consumption 10
Image/Text in Pre-modern Japan 10
Life and Work in Contemporary China 10
Areas and policies 10
Topical Readings in Korean 10
MA Thesis Asian Studies (60 EC) 15