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Arts and Culture: Museums and Collections

Museums and collections are in full motion now that their social functions are changing rapidly under political and economic pressure. There is increasing overlap between the traditional tasks of the museum curators, the educational department and the management. Globalisation and changing geopolitical relations have a major impact on the status of cultural heritage, including political, Legal and museological aspects.

In the Museums and Collections specialisation, part of the MA in Arts and Culture you can study collections from the past or museums and collections from the present day. You will gain insights into the development of the history of collecting and into the conceptual background of different types of collecting and the underlying social, political, economic and intellectual structures.

Compulsory courses for all students, regardless of specialisation:

  • Practices and debates (5 EC)

  • Reading List (5 EC)

  • Thesis (20 EC)

In order to meet the demands of any specialisation you need to follow a minimum of 45 EC in your chosen specialisation. The most common study path to meet this requirement is:

  • 1 compulsory research course in field of specialisation (10 EC)

  • 1 other course in your period of specialisation (10 EC)

  • Reading list (5 EC)

  • Thesis (20 EC)

An additional course or internship of 10 EC may be chosen in your field of specialisation as well.

Please note that several additional workshops will be offered during the academic year. Information will be available on our website.