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Arts and Culture: Museums and Collections

In our global society, the status and importance of museums, collections and heritage as key factors of our identities and cultures are undisputed. The museum’s present day influential role in the shaping of knowledge and identity should be understood in its historical context and the underlying social, political, ethical and intellectual structures.

This MA Museum and Collections specialisation, part of the MA in Arts and Culture, consists of two compulsory courses, in which students will study and experience the history of collection formation as well as crucial themes concerning museums today.

Compulsory courses for all students, regardless of specialisation:

  • Practices and debates (5 EC)

  • Thesis seminar (5 EC)

  • Thesis (20 EC)

In order to meet the demands of any specialisation you need to follow a minimum of 45 EC in your chosen specialisation. The most common study path to meet this requirement is:

  • 1 compulsory research course in field of specialisation (10 EC)

  • 1 other course in your period of specialisation (10 EC)

  • Thesis seminar (5 EC)

  • Thesis (20 EC)

Free Component (10 EC): You can choose any course offered within the MA Arts and Culture, a course on an Arts and Culture subject taught in another MA or an approved Internship.

Please note that several additional workshops will be offered during the academic year. Information will be available on our website.