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Russian and Eurasian Studies

From September 2012 onwards the MA programmes of Russian Studies and Slavic Languages and Cultures have merged into Russian and Eurasian Studies.
The MA programme Russian and Eurasian Studies offers two coherent focus areas: Culture & Linguistics and Politics, History & Economics. Students are expected to choose at least three of the courses of either focus area as listed below (10 EC each). Please note that the programme is subject to changes. Not all courses are taught each year. In addition, they must opt for: – a fourth course (10 EC) within the programme; – or an elective (10 EC) in the MA offerings of Leiden University and the University of Amsterdam, – or an internship (10 EC).
Their choice, as well as any departures from the standard programme, is subject to approval on the part of the Examinations Board.
In order to be able to complete the MA thesis (20 EC) in the second semester, students are advised to choose three courses in the first semester, and one in the second semester. Please note that in the second semester of the academic year only a limited number of courses is offered. Students who enrole in the second semester (i.e. in February) will have fewer courses to choose from.
Students are encouraged to start working on their final thesis (20 EC) from day one, but they are expected to intensify this work in the second semester when they take part in the department’s thesis seminar (three meetings).