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Russian and Eurasian Studies

The MA programme in Russian and Eurasian Studies is a one-year master’s programme (60 EC) that explores Russia and post-Soviet Eurasia from a variety of perspectives. A flexible degree format means that you can focus your studies on the region's language, literature and culture, or on its politics, history, international relations and economics. You can also combine elements from the two focus areas.
The core curriculum for all students, regardless of focus area, includes the course on Information and Disinformation (5 EC) and the Research Seminar (5 EC) in the first semester, and the writing of a thesis (20 EC) in the second semester. Students are expected to choose at least two more of the courses from either focus area as listed below (10 EC each). In addition, they can opt for: – a third course (10 EC) from within the programme; – or an elective (10 EC) from other MA programmes, or an internship (10 EC).
This choice, as well as any departures from the standard programme, is subject to approval by the Examinations Board.
In order to be able to complete the MA thesis (20 EC) in the second semester, students are advised to choose two courses in the first semester and one in the second semester, in addition to the core curriculum. Please note that in the second semester of the academic year only a limited number of courses is offered by the programme and that the programme is subject to changes. Not all courses are taught each year.
Students are encouraged to start working on their final thesis (20 EC) from day one, but they are expected to intensify this work in the second semester.